This article is for the Ghost Story character. For the club in Turn Coat, see Zero.

Zero is the best friend of Fitz and part of Aristedes' gang. He first appears in Ghost Story.


Zero is a young and inexperienced gang member that gets caught up with a warlock wizard Aristedes after seeking protection from the Fomor and other supernatural threats after the demise of the Red Court.[1]

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Ghost StoryEdit

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He, Fitz and other gang members were sent by Aristedes to attack Karrin Murphy's home—they riddled it with bullets and Harry follows them back to their hideout.[2][1]

Fitz helps him escape Aristedes' control. This allows Father Forthill, Waldo Butters, and Daniel Carpenter escape in Ghost Story.[3]

Later, Fitz, Zero, and the gang were taken to the Carpenter home and fed by Charity Carpenter until someone could figure out what to do with them and keep the out of Karrin Murphy's hands.[4]


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