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Wizard MacFee is a woman who attends the switchboard at White Council headquarters. She first appears in Changes.


Wizard MacFee is a matronly-looking woman brown hair with iron grey in it. She could be anywhere from 45 to two hundred years old. She looked harried, manning an old switchboard with several holes an plugs. She wore ancient headphones and spoke into an old radio microphone. When she saw Harry Dresden and Molly Carpenter, she tensed up and backed away, like most of the older wizards who regarded Dresden as sociopath.[1]

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In Changes, Wizard MacFee is the only person Harry Dresden and Molly Carpenter found other than at the checkpoints. When they find her in administration on an old switchboard. Harry asks where everyone is. Macfee impatiently answers that everyone is in the Senior Council Residence Hall to witness Duchess Arianna Ortega present as an ambassador plenipotentiary. Arianna is at HQ to change the cease-fire into genuine peace. Arianna was sent to ask for terms.[1]


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