The Warden sword is a weapon handmade especially for the Wardens' use by Anastasia Luccio


The Swords are famous among supernatural circles, and they are always seen in the hands of a Warden.[1] No new swords have been issued since Luccio's body was stolen, and she lost her ability to make them.[2][1] Dresden was made a Warden, he was never given a sword.[1]

They are made of silver and are supernaturally sharp. Harry has seen them undo complex, powerful magic at the will of the wielder. On order to do so, they must be tailored specifically to each individual Warden.[2] Donald Morgan's sword was also the symbol of the authority given to him by the White Council.[3]

In the seriesEdit

Dead BeatEdit

Main article: Dead Beat

In Dead Beat, Harry watches as Luccio wields her sword against zombies. He feels a humming surge of power emanate from it. Where the blade touched a zombie, there was a flash of light. A little bit later, she destroys a specter with it.[4]

White NightEdit

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In White Night, he tells Luccio he assumed he was never given a Warden sword because she didn't trust him. Luccio explains that she lost the abilty to make the swords after she was forced into a new body, by the Corpsetaker. She doesn't know if she'll ever get the ability back.[2]

Ghost StoryEdit

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In Ghost Story, Waldo Butters, and Daniel Carpenter pretended to be Wardens to rescue Father Forthill from Aristedes. Aristedes saw through the ruse when he noticed that they have no Warden Swords. Butters and Daniel didn't know that Wardens aren't issued them anymore so they were unprepared. Then Daniel fights Aristedes when he tried to kill them.[1]


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