Waldo Butter's apartment is located in a brownstone blockhouse in Chicago and is the home of both Butters and Andi.


Located on an upper floor in a blockhouse with little flair or design, the apartment can comfortably accept two occupants and their guests. Magical wards protect it. The door opens in the living door; a short hallway leads to the bedroom (on the right) and the computer room, crammed with electronics (on the left). Bob can be found there.[1]

In the seriesEdit


Main article: Bombshells

In Bombshells, Molly Carpenter uses its shower, and Andi reprimands her for the potential effects on Butters.[2]

Cold DaysEdit

Main article: Cold Days

In Cold Days, Harry Dresden infiltrates it in order to steal Bob and is surprised by the wards that protect it, a patchwork deal built by a number of minor talents working together.[1]


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