Voodoo (also spelled Vodun, Vodon, Vodoun, Vodou, Voudou) indicates a series of similar and interrelated religions originating in West Africa and spread into Central America and southern U.S., along with the Atlantic slave trade.[1]


Voodoo is a sincretic religion, combining the world creators of both original religions, and the system of spirits originating in West Africa with the Catholic hierarchy of angels and saints in entities called Loa. Worship, including to ancestors, is often mediated by high rank initiates, if not full priests, under the name of Houngan and Mambo.[1]


Prominent in the Haitian and Lousiana Voodoo is the worship of the Loa, which are both prayed to and served, and who can possess a human host, during the ceremonies in their honor.[2]

In the seriesEdit

Death MasksEdit

Main article: Death Masks

In Death Masks, Harry Dresden summons Ulsharavas, a spirit allied to the Loa, for informations on the location of the Shroud of Turin.[3]


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