The Velvet Room is a high-priced escort service and brothel, owned by Bianca St. Claire,[1] It first appears in Storm Front.

The business is run out of an old mansion at an expensive lakefront location, with an iron-fenced gate and security guards. Rumors have it Al Capone[Footnote 1] had it built for one of his mistresses.[1]

There are several beautiful, charming, and witty women catering to the richest men in the area for hundreds of dollars an hour.[1]


Both Jennifer Stanton (at the time of her death)[1] and Linda Randall (previously) are employees of the Velvet Room. They go out on assignments together.[2] The Velvet Room burns down in Grave Peril.[3]

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Storm FrontEdit

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In Storm Front, Karrin Murphy calls in Harry Dresden on the murder case of Jennifer Stanton. She was found with Tommy Tomm, both of their hearts were exploded out of their chests.[1] Harry goes to talk with Bianca St. Claire and she attacks. Harry defends himself with a hanky filled with sunshine which melts away her flesh mask revealing the underneath. Bianca kills Rachel and blames Harry for that until her demise.[2]

Grave PerilEdit

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In Grave Peril, Harry Dresden and Michael Carpenter attend Bianca's Ball at the Velved Room.[4]

A number of important events happen:

White NightEdit

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In White Night, it is acquired by John Marcone, who retools it into a gym and brothel, renaming it Executive Priority Health, and relocating it to the Madison Hotel, the site of Tommy Tomm's murder.[5]


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