Hello lads, Ursuul here. Me & AVR adopted this Wiki together, with him as the leader & me coding in the background. I usually come around here with bursts of editing activity when I reread part of the series, which I usually do when new books come out. However, AVR has since gone inactive, & I have just finished rereading the series. This means that I probably won’t be as active as I would otherwise be here until Peace Talks is released, & with AVR gone that leaves this Wiki without a dedicated Administrator.

However, I am still aware that, as an adoptive Bureaucrat, I can’t do what my predecessors have done before me & abandon this Wiki. That’s why this Wiki has been adopted so many times; the bureaucrats all left. I will not do that, I will stick around & be as responsive as possible, but I doubt I will be very proactive. I have email notifications enabled so that if I am messaged on my Message Wall, I will get an email about it & can come by to respond. I just won’t be very active otherwise.

Now, I fully intend to fulfill my responsibilities as Bureaucrat here. To that end, I will make sure to always be available for help, if a bit slow in responding. I also intend to be rather lenient with the giving of User-Rights here; if I find a dedicated user who plans to stay on this Wiki & help, I will make it very easy for them to acquire user-rights & eventually become an Administrator. The only rights not open to others are Bureaucrat rights; I will restrict those rights solely to myself & AVR if possible, & I will only appoint a Bureaucrat if I intend to completely leave this Wiki.


In conclusion, I will not be as active here as I am at the other Wikis where I am a Bureaucrat, but I will return occasionally when new books are released. I will also try be somewhat responsive, & I am willing to promote other active users should they request that of me.

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