• Meganhassler

    The Laws of Magic governing the wizards were created and are enforced by the White Council. If a wizard breaks one of these laws they are now classified as a warlock. The primary use of these laws is to protect humans.

    • Thou shalt not kill by use of magic.
    • Thou shalt not transform others.
    • Thou shalt not invade the mind of another.
    • Thou shalt not enthrall another.
    • Thou shalt not reach beyond the Borders of Life.
    • Thou shalt not swim against the Currents of Time.
    • Thou shalt not seek beyond the Outer Gates.

    I think I would would like to get rid of the law prohibbiting swimming against time. That could make for a much different series. It could be interesting to see how that changes Harry's adventures.

    Which of these laws do you think limits Harry the mo…

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  • Meganhassler

    Whenever a book is turned into a movie or television series people will always compare it to the original work. Although the two mediums are very different in what they offer and the restrictions they have, there will be two camps: fans and critics.

    I must admit that when you have become the lover of a book series and it is put on screen, it is hard not to be nit-picky about the details that you have imagined. Rather than the thousands of imagined Harry Dresden characters the directors have characterized him in a single way. Some viewers love him, some hate him.

    A large portion of the television series audience were deterred from criticizing the protagonist because of Paul Blackthorne’s good looks. While some were appalled that he had short …

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