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  • I live in New Jersey, on Mission
  • I was born on December 23
  • I am on hiatus until Dec 2018
  • ImtheSteve

    Hello! My name is Steve, obviously. :3

    So I've been a fan of Dresden for a while, now. While I love reading the books, I also love writing original characters and roleplaying within particular universes I take interest in. Urban fantasy? Heck yes!

    So I looks around Google and, to my surprise, I don't see a Dresdenverse Fanon anywhere.


    On the drop of a hat, I'd go in and build one straightaway. However, loneliness can be a terrible thing after spending time and brainpower on something meant for others to enjoy.

    So, I'd like to know if people on here and/or fans of the Dresdenverse from across the Interwebs would like there to be a central place for fanfiction, original characters, and roleplaying in the Dresdenverse. I'd also like to know if…

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