Ursiel is a Fallen Angel, and a member of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. He first appears in Death Masks.


Death MasksEdit

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In Death Masks, his appearance is similar to a grizzly bear with six legs, curling ram's horns around the sides of his head and four eyes, one pair glowing with faint orange light and the other with green light, twin rows of serrated, slime-coated teeth, and had a luminous swirling tattoo on his forehead.[1] In 1849 he took the human Rasmussen as his host, on his way to California.[2]

In the seriesEdit

Death MasksEdit

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In Death Masks, Rasmussen is killed in a fight against all three Knights of the Cross, who take Ursiel's coin.[3]

Skin GameEdit

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In Skin Game, the Genoskwa accepts Ursiel's coin in Hades' Vault from Nicodemus. However, Harry Dresden is able to defeat him with the help of Goodman Grey, and its coin remains in the Underworld.[4][5]


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