The Tylwyth Teg[Footnote 1] are a group of Fair Folks from the Nevernever. They are first seen in the short story "Curses" and briefly mentioned Changes.


Tylwyth Teg are a Welsh Fey court. Proudly independent, they intensely dislike to be called faerie. The Jili Ffrwtan are among their high-ranking women. Their king is Gwynn ap Nudd and they held goats as sacred.[1]

In the seriesEdit


Main article: Curses

In "Curses", Harry takes a case to remove a curse from a Chicago Cubs fan. It led him to the Tylwyth Teg and King Gwynn ap Nudd via Jill.[1]


Main article: Changes

In Changes, Harry Dresden uses the Summoning Circle in his lab to call servants of the Tylwyth Teg whose king Harry Dresden is on good terms with. He was attempting to gather information regarding his daughter Maggie's location.[2]


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