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Toot-Toot, or Toot, is one of the Wee Folk; a dew drop faerie who starts out as Wyldfae belonging to neither court. Eventually he becomes a winterfae because he is beholden to Harry Dresden who becomes the Winter Knight. He first appears in Storm Front.


He is described as six inches tall, with a pug nose, silver dragonfly's wings sprouting form his back and a silver nimbus of light surrounding him. His form is humanoid, pale, beautiful that echoes the splendor of the fae lords. His hair is a shaggy, silken, pale magenta, little mane, like a bird of paradise's plumes. His voice is high pitched, like a small child's.[1]


Storm FrontEdit

Main article: Storm Front

In Storm Front, Harry Dresden states he's a lesser spirit in the area, sort of like a dockworker of the Nevernever. Toot-Toot, himself, says it's his nature to be both benevolent and wise.[1]


Main article: Changes

In Changes, Sanya mistakenly calls him a domovoi (a Russian house spirit, elf or faerie or more correctly "they of the house". The Brownie that cleans Harry's house is an example of the domovoi), and Toot gets very irate, saying that he's a "polevoi"—which translates to a wood elf, spirit or fae or more correctly "they of the field". Toot balls him out in Russian until Sanya relents, sheaths his sword and bows to him.[2]

Harry compares him to King Leonidas while watching him fight Captain Hook and his band of Wee Folk.[3]

He is often called upon by Harry Dresden for information and minor assistance. Harry calls him a pixie, or dewdrop faerie, which is the name for an outdoor fae of the Wee Folk.(reference needed)

Small FavorEdit

Main article: Small Favor

In Small Favor, following his instincts, Harry forgoes the usual bait-and-snare methods of calling up an entity. He just holds out a doughnut and whispers Toot's Name, gently and politely. Toot-Toot calls Harry "my lord." He reveals that he's formed a group called the Za-Lord's Guard, who help to protect Harry's house from pests, and defends his house-keeper brownies from "the Dread Beast Mister."[4]

Turn CoatEdit

Main article: Turn Coat

In Turn Coat, Harry states: "Give Toot-Tootand and his kin the right job, and they are formidable." [5] He then proceeds to give a new title: "Major-General Toot-Toot Minimus commanding the Za-Lord's Elite".[6]

In the seriesEdit

Storm FrontEdit

Main article: Storm Front

In Storm Front, Toot-Toot appears in silver nimbus of light surrounding him that made him seem like a reflection of the moon. Harry describes him as about six inches tall, shaped like an athletic youth, with dragonfly wings.[1]

In need of information, Harry crafted a magic circle trap baited with bread, milk and honey, and called him using his true name. With Toot-Toot trapped, Harry barters his freedom and the food already received for the information on Victor Sells.

He seems quite angry at Harry for trapping him, calling him a multitude of names and saying that: "You will feel the awful, terrible, irresistible might of the faery magic! I will rot your teeth from your head! Take your eyes from their sockets! Fill your mouth with dung and your ears with worms!" Harry tells him to hit him with his best shot, then they can talk. Toot replies, "You could at least pretend to be scared, Harry." Apparently they have done this dance before.

In this encounter, Harry learns that the little fae like Toot-Toot have an incredible love for pizza. Harry says he'll bring him pizza sometimes to thank him for his help, which thrills Toot-Toot who says they'll stop laughing at him now. Harry starts giving him regular deliveries.[1]

Summer KnightEdit

Main article: Summer Knight (novel)

In Summer Knight, he's described as about six inches tall, with a shock of purple hair, like dandelion-fluff, and translucent drangonfly-like wings. He is also said to have a beauty to his features reminiscent of the lords of the Sidhe. He wore a plastic Coke cap held on by a string, with his lilac hair poking out. He bore weaponry: a spear made from a number two pencil and a straight pin in his hand and blue plastic sword through a piece of twince at his belt.[7]

During their next interaction, Harry still calls Toot-Toot using a circle but this time he uses pizza as the lure. Toot-Toot is leading a group of other Little Folk, decked out in quasi-armor, and seems to be a little bit more serious than he had been. He is also quite a bit more respectful of Harry.[7] Harry calls on the newly-formed little army, giving them steel box-cutter knives and calling them to help with the final battle with Aurora.[8]

Small FavorEdit

Main article: Small Favor

In Small Favor, Toot's nimbus of blue light is baskeball-sized—he's twice as tall as he was the previous times. He looks like an slim athletic youth, wearing armor from discarded items: cap from a 3-liter coke bottle, same lavender hair tufting out. His breast-plate came from a re-shaped Pepto-Bismo bottle. He wore an orange-plastic-handled box-knife strapped to his waist with lettering that said: "Pizza or Death!". A long nail wrapped in tape sheathed in a pen-casing and boots from a Ken doll.[4]

Harry calls Toot-Toot sans the usual circle-trap and offers a doughnut as payment. Harry requests, using flattery, that he find out from the Wee Folk what they know about the black magic used to destroy a building. Toot-Toot tells Harry about Za-Lord's Guard. Then, he takes off, rushes back and yells: "Run!".[4] Harry does. After a long chase by three gun-shooting Gruffs, Toot quietly guides Harry away from the Gruffs while the other faeries surround Harry protectively.[9]

Turn CoatEdit

Main article: Turn Coat

In Turn Coat, Toot is twelve inches, towering for a pixie. His too-large cap is made from a hollowed out golf ball. His cuirass was part of Pepto bottle, and hanging from his hip was the jigsaw blade with wrapped string serving as a grip. He salutes attention and reports that the guy with a camera is in a white former-boarding house with green shutters cross the street and two doors down. Toot offers to slay him for Harry. [5]

Toot-Toot helps Harry track down Vincent Graver: he flattens all of his car's tires, puts bubblegum on his keys, and disconnects his battery cable.[5] Later, Toot-Toot is appointed as Major General of the Za-Lord's Guard by Harry and told of two missions for him: The first to to send a message to Molly out on the Water Beetle off shore handing him his pentacle for verification. The second task: is to form a militia from as many little folk as would volunteer. Toot-Toot's reward for this was a new title; "Major-General commanding the Za-Lord's Elite." [6]

At the ending battle on Demonreach, Toot-Toot and the Za-Lord's Guard help set off the fireworks, attack the Grey Men flanks.[10] Toot-Toot proves both his shocking level of bravery and his loyalty to Harry by attacking the Skinwalker, an impossibly powerful Native American demigod, with his box cutter. He survives the encounter by using his speed and agility, saves Harry by distracting the creature, and encourages Injun Joe to get involved with his bravery.[11] Listens-to-Wind had high praise for Toot and had already seen to his injuries, the worst thing hurt is his pride. [12]


Main article: Changes

In Changes, Toot-Toot is nearly fifteen inches tall, slender athletic youth, blurring wings, dandelion fluff, lavender hair. He is wearing army-green jump-suit with sleeves ripped off and holes for his wings. Weapons: 3 letter-openers shaped like long swords—one at his side and two crossed on his back—Harry had given him a set for Christmas. A possible promotion to General in the future was hinted at by Harry.[2]

After Harry becomes Winter Knight, Toot-Toot and the Za-Lord's Guard paint half of their faces blue, and Toot's hair changes color to a darker blue violet, declaring themselves Winter. Toot-Toot also has a conversation with Sanya in Russian. When Harry asked how it was that he spoke fluent Russian, Toot simply responded that, “you just speak it,” much to Harry's confusion.[2]

It is Toot-Toot and the Za-Lord's Guard's mission is to locate Susan Rodriguez who's gone missing. He finds her being held at the FBI Headquarters then leads Harry and Sanya there.[2]

Cold DaysEdit

Main article: Cold Days

In Cold Days, he now over eighteen inches tall, drives up to the portal in an old black Cadillac. He is shocked when he hears Dresden's mission given by Mab is to kill Maeve,[13] but he leads the Za-Lord's Guard when Lacuna and her group of pixies attacks Dresden.[3]

When, later, Dresden interrogates Lacuna, he offers her a watermelon candy, which she refuses with a sock in his face.[14]

After having teased him, tricked him and joked at Toot's expense for many years, Harry Dresden comes to compare him to "King Leonidas".[3]

Toot-Toot's pixie friendsEdit

Word of ButcherEdit

"Is Toot-Toot's increase in size due to his actions, or the title and followers he has acquired doing Harry's bidding? It's due to Harry's actions, mostly. Toot done hitched his star to Harry's wagon. As a result, he's taken actions he never would have taken on his own, some of which had major consequences. Toot has effectively become a much more powerful being than he was as an independent dewdrop faerie. The physical growth is a reflection of that fact. I mean, gosh, where do you think the Sidhe came from in the first place?"[16]

"How does a Faerie gain power? How would a weak goblin become like the Erlking? Or a weak gruff become like the Eldest Gruff?"

"Time, effort, and will. Keep an eye on Toot-Toot."[17]


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