This article is for Vargassi, Senior. For his son, see Marco Vargassi.

Tony Vargassi was a human male, and the head of organized crime in Chicago before John Marcone. He first appears in Storm Front.

In the seriesEdit

Storm FrontEdit

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Tony Vargassi was the leader of the Vargassi family, who controlled organized crime in Chicago for many years.[1]

Sometime before the events of Storm Front, the Vargassi family lost their position, and John Marcone became the head of organized crime.[1][2]

White NightEdit

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His son, Marco, while intending to shoot John Marcone, accidentally shot a girl, Amanda Beckitt. The Vargassis then covered it up, having the comatose girl officially declared dead, while moving her to a different hospital in order to avoid the unfortunate consequences of the shooting: while her continued existence was of no matter, if they were never found out, she could be produced alive if they were ever tried for her murder.[2]

He and his son's whereabouts are unknown, although it is highly probable that Marcone is responsible for their disappearance.[2]


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