Tiny is the nickname that Harry Dresden gives the second eldest Gruff. He first appears in Small Favor.


Tiny is a huge grey-furred thing with horns and cloven hooves. He is so huge that he has to enter McAnally's Pub by sqeezing himself in through the doorway sideways, one shoulder at a time. He rose to a crouch with his head, shoulders and back touching the ceiling. He had golden gleaming eyes with rectangular pupils. His knuckles were the size of cantelopes, and he had a heavy pugnent animal scent that filled the room. He smelled a lot if not bad.[1]

Harry describes him as twenty feet and four or five tons of Big Brother Gruff when he appears at Union Station. He wore armor of some kind of crystal and his sword was longer than Harry's car. He claims to be the lawful champion of the Seelie Court.[2]

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In Small Favor, the enormous Gruff enters McAnally's Pub seeking Harry Dresden. Harry dubs him Tiny. He tells Harry that he came to talk to him about the harm he did to his younger brothers. He is angry that Harry used the bane against his brothers saying that no friend of either court would use the bane. Murphy faces him down telling him Dresden is a citizen of Chicago, and she is sworn to protect him. The city has not signed any Accords. She gets him to leave of his own accord, more or less.[2]

Tiny shows up later at Union Station where Harry has gone to get the contents of Gard's locker. The station is already under siege by Hobs of the Winter Court. Now an emissary of the Summer Court shows up to execute Harry per Queen Titania's and to avenge his brothers. He chases Harry across a wet floor, his cloven hooves slip out from under him. Harry hexes the lights near Tiny, drawing the viscous Hobs on him. A brief fight ensues, allowing Harry to flee to Gard's warded locker. Harry uses his rings to knock Tiny down, allowing Harry opened the warded locker as Tiny passes it. A real bolt of lightening rips into him, cutting his crystal armor and burning a line from shoulder to lower leg. Tiny's left leg is severed (and cauterized) at the knee. Lying on the floor defeated and maimed, he asks Harry to finish him, but Harry refuses, saying it is unnecessary. Tiny is surprised at this act of mercy, since he believes that Harry is bound to serve the Winter Court. Harry decrees that he is not "bound;" he is only working temporarily in their employ. Tiny creates a portal in the floor to leave, but warns Harry that his eldest brother will be coming for him next.(reference needed)


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