White Council

Thorsen is a Warden acting as a guard at White Council headquarters. He first appears in Turn Coat


Thorsen leads a cadre of wardens at the White Council headquarters.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Turn CoatEdit

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In Turn Coat, Thorsen and Simmons are the Wardens finding Morgan with a bloody dagger in his hand next to Aleron LaFortier's body.[2]

Later in the book, the Merlin telepathically communicates to Warden Dresden that Thorsen and his cadre are on their way to back him up, already giving chase, in his apprehension of Samuel Peabody.[1] Thorsen catches up to Dresden and Peabody after Morgan killed Peabody—three minutes later Morgan died. He tries to revive him, but it's too late. They make no attempt to revive Peabody.[3]


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