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Covers of the first nine novels of The Dresden Files.
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The Dresden Files is a contemporary urban fantasy series of novels by author Jim Butcher. They are told in first person narrative by the human wizard and private investigator Harry Dresden, who tells of his investigations into supernatural disturbances in modern-day Chicago. So far, the series consists of fourteen novels, along with several novelettes and short stories.

It has been adapted into a television series: The Dresden Files.

Books Edit

Harry Dresden – Wizard

Lost items found. Paranormal Investigations.
Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.
No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or
Other Entertainment.

No. Title Release date
1Storm Front2000 April
2Fool Moon2001 January
3Grave Peril2001 September
4Summer Knight2002 September
5Death Masks2003 August
6Blood Rites2004 August
7Dead Beat2005 May
8Proven Guilty2006 May
9White Night2007 April
10Small Favor2008 April
11Turn Coat2009 April
12Changes2010 April
13Ghost Story2011 July
14Cold Days2012 November
15Skin Game2014 May (projected)
21Hell’s BellsTBA
22Stars and StonesTBA
23Empty NightTBA

See also a chronological list of all works.

Other works in the series Edit

Graphic novelsEdit

Plot overview Edit

The majority of the books so far (4-12) have focused on the White Council/Red Court war started by Harry himself at the end of the third book and (probably) ended at the end of book 12. In the books, many events have been described as initiated by the Black Council, making the whole war part of a bigger conspiracy.

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