Foo Dog

According to Bob, Tibetan Temple Dogs are scions of a celestial being called a Foo Dog[Footnote 1] and a mortal canine. They first appear in Blood Rites.


Mostly sentinels, they keep an eye for dark spirits or dark energy, guard the people or places they're supposed to and alert to dangers present. They are intelligent, very loyal, tough, and can seriously kick ass. They are not bullet proof; they can be killed like anything else.[1]

Their physical appearance is of a Tibetan Mastiff.[Footnote 2](reference needed) Their bark has spiritual power. It can be heard 50–60miles away, and can penetrate into Nevernever, driving away noncorporeal entities.[1] Temple Dogs can bite spirits.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Blood RitesEdit

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Blood Rites opens with Harry Dresden rescuing a litter of Tibetan Temple Dog pups for Brother Wang from an abandoned old school building chased by monkey-demons with black wings and flaming poo fire-balls.[2] Later, Dresden discovers that one of the pups has stowed away in his car when squeaky growls a warning as a vampire approaches the car.[3] It’s too late to return the pup, the contact number for Brother Wang has been cut off. In the end, Dresden adopts the pup, naming him Mouse.[4]

Proven GuiltyEdit

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Charity Carpenter describes Mouse as a "Caucasian", meaning Caucasian Shepherd Dog.[Footnote 3][5]

White NightEdit

Temple Dog

Foo Dog

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In White Night, when Anna Ash's apartment building was on fire, and all of the residents were asleep because of a mild sleeping spell, and the Ordo Lebes women were trapped in Anna’s apartment due to a predator who's been stalking them is outside of her door laying wait—Mouse lets out with an extremely loud “WOOF” repeatedly and with mechanical regularity. The scale of it was similar to a Civil Defense storm warning and blindingly loud when near it. Harry Dresden describes it like a flood of sound, a solid living cascade that rattle your brain. All of the residents awoke and vacated safely without panic. The Ordo were able to escape with the evacuation.[6]

Ancient Mai made Temple Dog statues to assist the Wardens with security.[1][7]


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