The Streetwolves are a group of human lycanthropes. First mentioned in Fool Moon.


According to FBI Agent Roger Harris, they have a rough and "spooky" reputation around town even with criminals.[1]

Streetwolf territory is down by Forty-ninth Street Beach, by the University.[1] Their hide-out is the the Full Moon Garage.[2]

When they get worked up, the air around them gets tight and heavy with a feral raging current. It's like they're a group of creatures with one controlling mind, their faces grimaced with a berserker rage. During a soulgaze with Parker, Harry felt the raw energy of wild coursing through him: the naked lust for meat, the need to run and kill, the feeling of being invincibie, unstoppable, and the power running trough his arms and legs.[2]


In Fool Moon, Harry is put onto their trail by FBI Agent Roger Harris,[1] He visits the Full Moon Garage waking the Streetwolves. Stirred up by Lana chanting: "Kill him, kill him!" they attempt to attack Harry but were to be stopped by Parker because he doesn't want to attract police attention and because he has to take down Harry himself in order to secure his position as leader, Parker, who is getting older and slower, is having trouble keeping the young upstarts in line. Harry manages to escape the garage.[2]

Later, Harry is abducted by the Streetwolves[3] and tied up in the Full Moon Garage. Apparently, they're keeping Harry alive for some deal with Marcone. Flatnose challenged Parker and was swiftly defeated. Harry tries to buy time and mouths off to Parker, which backfires.[4] Marcone arrives just before Parker is about to kill Harry. Marcone offers Harry a way out by signing on as one of his employees, violating the deal he had with Parker. Harry agrees to sign on with Marcone as a ruse. Parker and Flatnose attacked Marcone and Hendricks while Harry attempted to escape.[5] Then the FBI hexenwolves showed up and started shooting at the streetwolves and Harry. Lana and Flatnose are killed in the ensuing battle, and Parker was torn apart and eaten by three of the hexenwolves.[6]

Known members are Parker, Flatnose and Lana.[7]

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