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"There was a complex confluence of events, of energies, of circumstances that would have given a child born under them the potential to wield power over Outsiders."[1]

Hints of something specialEdit

This statement has been uttered by Lash during the psychic attack at the end of the battle of the Deeps. This passage seems to be a major hint that there is something special about Harry, and she even says that his Mother had him when she did deliberately.[1]

He Who Walks Behind calls Harry Dresden; "Child of the stars".[2]

During the events of Cold Days, the Erlking[3] and Maeve[4] referred to Harry by the enigmatic title of "Starborn" which seems to be a direct reference to the hints dropped by Lash in White Night.

Other "Starborns"Edit

The author has stated that Elaine also has the "potential" to wield power over Outsiders:

Harry and Elaine are just a few months apart age wise so for all intents and purposes the same age... that was one of the reasons that Justin had picked both of them to adopt, it wasn't just random kids with power.[5]


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