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A sorcerer is a form of practitioner, a person with more powerful magical abilities.


Blood RitesEdit

Main article: Blood Rites

In Blood Rites, Harry Dresden explains to Karrin Murphy that it is a kind of industry term. There are plenty of small-time practitioners, people with a little magic. Sometimes they get practiced, or tap into some power source and then they can get enough power to become dangerous. A sorcerer can do some serious violence with magic.[1]

A wizard is always a sorcerer, but a sorcerer isn't always a wizard. Someone is usually considered a sorcerer either when they don't have enough power to become a full wizard, or when they do have enough power but simply lack the training and resources of a White Council wizard. One well known sorcerer is the ectomancer Mortimer Lindquist

In the seriesEdit

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  1. Blood Rites, ch. 23

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