The shield bracelet is a magical focus used by Harry Dresden.
Shield bracelet

Shield Charm bracelet

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The original bracelet was silver with dangling shield charms. It was designed to serve as a metaphysical barrier to stop kinetic attacks such as bullets and blows.(reference needed)

This bracelet was heavily damaged during a battle in Blood Rites, after which, it would bleed energy as a shower of blue sparks.(reference needed)

During the battle that damaged the bracelet, his shield was coated with napalm and since the shield did not act as a barrier to heat, his hand was severely burnt. By White Night Harry crafted a newer much more sophisticated shield bracelet that is described in the book as:

"A chain made of braided strands of several metals, silver predominant. The metal shields that hung from the bracelet had, in its previous incarnation, been solid silver as well. They had been replaced with shields of silver, iron, copper, nickel, and brass."[1]

This new bracelet is capable of focusing a much more sophisticated shield that may serve as a barrier to nearly anything, physical or magical. Harry says that he could even use it to create a sphere, within which he could withstand the harsh environment of space.(reference needed)

One down side to this more powerful focus is that it requires more energy to maintain. 

In Small Favor a sorcerer attacked Harry using five or six complex "frequencies" of magic, and he only managed to block the majority of them.[2]

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In Ghost Story, Harry manifested his Shield bracelet while in the Nevernever during the D-Day Normandy Landings battle that were Evil Bob's defenses preventing entry to Corpsetaker and Big Hoods's Hideout.[3]

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