sherrell sharp in "Birds of a Feather".

Sheryl Sharpe is a character from the Dresden Files TV series played by Ward Marie she appeared in the pilot episode Birds of a Feather.


Sheryl Sharpes son Scott Sharpe thinks he is being followed by monsters. After Scott sees a one of the raven clan at his school he runs to Harry's house, Harry takes him back home and talks with his mother, she tells Harry that Scott has always had an over active imagination and that therapy hasn't helped. Harry suggests that a little magic might solve the problem. Harry draws a symbol from his shield bracelet on a piece of paper. Sheryl was hanging it up on the door to Scotts bedroom when a member of the raven clan enters her house and takes Scott from her. Harry discovers that Sheryl illegally adopted Scott and that he is magically talented. which is why the Skinwalker and raven clan is after him. Harry manages to track Scott down and finds out the raven clan is protecting Scott from the skinwalker. Harry convenes the ravens to return Scott to his mother because, even though they are not related, they love each other. Harry takes down the skin walker using the Doom box and returns Scott to his mother.