Scott Sharpe is a character from The Dresden Files TV Series he appears in the pilot episode Birds of a Feather.


Scott sharp

Scott Sharp holding harry's yellow page ad

Scott approaches Harry Dresden, offering him five thousand dollars to help him with monsters that have been following him. Harry explains that for the most part monsters don't exist and refuses to take his money. Bob convinces harry that if Scott was in trouble and harry didn't help him and the boy got hurt harry would never forgive himself. Harry then goes to Scott's house and talks with his mother, Sheryl Sharpe. She tells him that Scott has always had an over active imagination and that all the experts haven't managed to help.

Scott harry and a raven clan

Scott offering Harry $5000 while a raven clan watches.

Harry draws a rune from his shield bracelet on a piece of paper and gives it to Scott to protect him, the rune keeps the skin walker out of the house. but Scott is kidnapped by the Raven Clan, who are attempting to protect him from the skinwalker. Harry discovers that Scott was adopted and that he has a talent for magic. The Skinwalker interrogates harry to find the location of Scott, Bob tells her how to track him and she leaves. Harry then tracks down the ravens clan and convenes them to return the boy to his mother. Harry defeats the Skinwalker using a Doom box Scott is returned to his mother. Sherrell states that Scott reminds Harry of himself when he was little Harry agrees. The raven clan continue to watch over him as he grows up.