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Santa Claus also known as Kringle, is a wyldfae (ref?) associated with the winter season, and thus considered the Winter King. (book chapter ref?)

Descripiton Edit

Santa Claus considers himself a being of Faerie and a vassal of Winter.[1]


Kringle's appearance could be compared to a bear. His shoulders were broad, his forearms were nearly as large as his upper arms and he had a thick neck, a barrel chest and a huge frame. Kringle's hair was short, white, and "shining clean" and long white beard that cascaded over his chest like a fluffy wave. His eyes were "clean, winter sky blue". He had ancient scars of white-lines on his hands and face. [1]

He wore a coat of mail, obviously made of something other than iron. His open overcoat was a rich red, trimmed in white fur and held by a black leather belt. Tucked into his belt were a pair of white-fur-trimmed black leather gloves.[1]

Details Edit

  • It's customary for him to attend Mab's parties.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Main article: Kringle

Cold DaysEdit

Main article: Cold Days

In Cold Days, Harry Dresden is first introduced to him at Mab's birthday party for Harry. Harry turned in to a total fanboy over being in the presence of Santa Claus. He asked Eldest Gruff to join the Hunt, he declined. Harry was shocked that he would consider joining the Wild Hunt—He replied hat he's not Santa Clause till after Halloween. [1]

In Mythology Edit

In Mythology, Santa Claus is believed to be based on the merging of the myths of Saint Nicholas of Myra and the Legend of the Norse God Odin. It is strongly implied that within the Dresdenverse, Odin is still active and is now known as Donar Vadderung, a very powerful being and CEO of Monoc Securities. In Cold Days, Kringle reveals that the Winter King may be another Mantle, worn seasonally by Odin.

Word of Jim Edit

According to Jim Butcher he is kind, the spirit of generosity in a time of bleakness[2].

According to Jim Butcher he is kind, the spirit of generosity in a time of bleakness. Jim also said that Santa Claus is the Winter King and goes by other names and the Erlking is the Summer King, though the Erlking is not attached to any court. Additionally, the kings characters are opposite to the court to which they associated. Kringle is kindly which is opposite to the Winter Court and the Erlking is not so friendly. (No mention of Santa Claus being a Wyldfae.)[3]

Quotes Edit

"Dude. You're . . . freaking Santa Claus." — "Not until after Halloween. Enough is enough. I'm drawing the line." ~ Harry, shocked that Santa would join the Wild Hunt. ~ Santa Claus responding.[1]
"Lad, let me tell you something here and now. None of is what we once were. Everyone has a history. everyone comes from somewhere. Each move toward a destination. And in a lifetime as long as mine, the road can run far and take strange windings—something I judge you know something about." He gestured at himself. "This became the tale with which you are familiar only in fairly recent times."[1]

References Edit

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