Sandra Marling is a human female. She first appears in Proven Guilty as the convention chair of SplatterCon!!!.[1]

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Proven GuiltyEdit

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In Proven Guilty, Sandra Marling is introduced to Harry Dresden as he enters the SplatterCon!!! convention.[1] Later, when Molly Carpenter is taken by Detective Greene, she turned to Dresden to help get her free, which he succeeded at by having Lydia Stern stand outside the room where Greene was illegally interrogating Molly, who was a juvenile at the time, with a recorder. Sandra also informed Harry that she had followed Harry's earlier instructions and called Charity Carpenter and Father Forthill, Molly's mother and family lawyer respectively.[2]

Sandra also informed Molly that fear could override certain psychological barriers, like addiction, and drive home a lesson. It was on this advise that she formulated her spell to bend the minds of Rosie and Nelson into fearing drugs, so as to defeat their addiction.[3]


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