This article is for Molly Carpenter's friend. For the Denarian, see Rosanna.

Rosanna Marcella, called Rosie, is a human female. She first appears in Proven Guilty.


Rosie is a friend of Molly Carpenter. Being a fan of horror movies, she is a participant at SplatterCon!!!. She is described as a tiny brunette dressed in clothes similar to Molly Carpenter's. She has a boyfriend named Ken.[1]

Molly seems to have taken the girl under her wing, checking that she has taken her vitamins.[2] She has had a miscarriage, and later became pregnant again. She is significant because Molly Carpenter altered her mind to make her afraid of heroin in order to spare the baby's life. This was a violation of the Fourth Law of Magic.(reference needed)

Her collarbone was broken by the Phobophage, which looked like the Reaper.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Proven GuiltyEdit

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In Proven Guilty, Sandra Marling, SplatterCon!!! chairperson, first mentions to Molly that Rosanna is looking for her.[2] Rosie was hurt with several others, including her boyfriend Ken who was killed, during a Phobophage attack at SplatterCon!!! She was taken to Mercy Hospital.[3]

At Mercy Hospital, Harry used his Sight to See Rosanna, Molly's friend, with psychic black holes bored into her head.[1] When Harry Looked at Nelson Lenhardt with is Sight, at Saint Mary's he found the same two holes in his temples and deduced that Molly forced Rosie and Nelson off drugs to protect the unborn baby.[4]


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