Roger Harris was a human male. He first appeared in Fool Moon


Agent Harris was a skinny young man with curly red hair, big eyes, and freckles.[1]

He was a hexenwolf - a form of lupine theriomorph, who transformed into a wolf by use of a belt. He was shot by George Wilson.[2]

In the seriesEdit

Fool MoonEdit

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In Fool Moon, as he escorts Harry Dresden and Karrin Murphy off the premises of Spike's murder scene, he makes excuses for Agent Benn who pulled her gun on Murphy.[1] At the police station, at Denton's behest, he asks Harry to investigate the Streetwolves at the Full Moon Garage explaining that they were unable to get a warrant.[3]

Later, Harry takes away the talisman belt from Harris and questions him at gunpoint. Harris doesn't know who provided the belts since Denton made all the plans. Harris tells how their plan is to take down Marcone and set up the Streetwolves and Harley MacFinn for the fall.[4] George Wilson shot him to death shortly thereafter.


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