Redcap is a Sidhe of the Winter Court. He first appears in Cold Days.


Redcap is a young male Sidhe who wears a ball cap dyed with blood, which earns his nickname by Harry Dresden.[1] However, he claims the title for himself. He also wears a black leather jacket and what Harry assumes is a red Cincinnati ball cap.[1] He has straight black hair and very high cheekbones, and his is was vulpine with canines too large and sharp.[2]

Redcap has two known companions: a Rawhead and a snow ogre,[2] which Thomas Raith calls his "lickspittles".[3] His laughter hurts the ears.[2] He also recognizes the changeling Ace as his son, for whom he claims no affection, since in this he is different from the other Sidhe.[3] Redcap is Maeve's tool. She put him up to trying to kill Dresden.[4]

Redcap would greet travelers in a friendly manner and then murder them horribly in order to freshly dye his cap in their blood.[2]

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Main article: Cold Days

In Cold Days, the Winter Lady, Maeve, gets him to grab Sarissa at Mab's Party for Dresden, to set him up. Harry Dresden challenges him but if a drop of blood is spilled on the floor, it breaks Mab's law, and it means death.[5] He and his Sidhe gang attack the Water Beetle on jetskis with Dresden, Thomas Raith, and Molly Carpenter on board.[6]

Outside the Botanic Gardens of Chicago[Footnote 1], Ace laid a terrible beating on Dresden after he had Captain Hook distract the wizard—Karrin Murphy stopped him. Recap arrives with his Sidhe gang and it's revealed that the Redcap is Ace's faerie parent. Cat Sith started eliminating the Sidhe thugs one at a time.[7]

Redcap abducted Waldo Butters, Andi, Justine and McAnally. He sent a lock of hair from each, and bottle cap from Mac by way of Sarissa who was forced into the role of messenger.[8] Molly Carpenter, Mouse and Harry went to rescue them. Redcap shot a dart into Dresden's leg which didn't stop bleeding. Ace set off charges that collapsed the building into the lake with Dresden, Mouse, Molly Carpenter, Justine, Andi, Butters and Mouse inside.[9]


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