Red Court

The Red Court was one of the Vampire Courts. It is first mentioned in Grave Peril and is destroyed in Changes.


Red Court vampires were non-human creatures, capable of disguising themselves as humans and preying on humans and drank their blood.(reference needed)

The Red Court home area was Central and South America; using the people of whole villages as cattle; feeding on everyone, including children.[1] They also were one of the major supernatural nations in the world with holdings all over the world: property, corporations, accounts, some governments, stocks, and a variety of other assets.[2] The Red Court had a highly organized feudalistic system with a Red King at the top, followed by Dukes and lower ranks.(reference needed)

The mark of power is to be able to control the blood thirst—that is indulging in it by choice and not by impulse.[3] Crossing a threshold would render a Red Court vampire nearly paralyzed.[4] According to the knowledge of the Fellowship of Saint Giles, a standard Red Court field operations team consisted of six vampires.[5]

The entire Red Court was destroyed by their own own curse aimed at the McCoy-Dresden family.[6] If any were missed by the curse, they would have had to be the youngest of the least powerful bloodlines or sheltered in some protective place.[2]

Known members are the Red King,(reference needed) Lords of Outer Night,(reference needed) Arianna Ortega,(reference needed) Paolo Ortega,(reference needed) Bianca St. Claire,(reference needed) Kyle Hamilton(reference needed) and Kelly Hamilton.(reference needed) Known enemies are the Fellowship of Saint Giles,(reference needed) the White Council,(reference needed) the Knights of the Cross,(reference needed) the Venatori,(reference needed) and the Faerie Courts.(reference needed)

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Grave PerilEdit

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In Grave Peril at Bianca's Ball, the Red Court manipulated and instigated The War with the White Council—by setting up Harry Dresden and Susan Rodriguez—in an effort to destroy them.[7]

Summer KnightEdit

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In Summer Knight,

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Death MasksEdit

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In Death Masks, Susan Rodriguez invites Harry to come with her to Honduras where she ended up and plans on getting a job there with the Fellowship of Saint Giles to fight the Red Court.[1]


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In Changes, Harry discovered that the Red King is a junkie to his blood thirst. Harry thought that explained a lot about how the Red Court behaved during The War—they were brilliant and aggressive one moment and made dumb, crazy mistakes the next.[3]

At the end of the novel, the Red Court was destroyed at Chichén Itzá.[3]

Ghost StoryEdit

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In Ghost Story, the destruction of the Red Court has left a power vacuum. Every two-bit supernatural group or organization is attempting to take advantage of it and found an empire. South America is the worst. Chicago has managed to repel the Fomor and the Paranet has been a huge help by saving hundreds of lives.[8] [9]


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