Rasmussen is a male wizard. He is a member of the Order of the Blackened Denarius, and host of the Fallen Angel Ursiel. He appeared in Death Masks.


Death MasksEdit

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In Death Masks, his appearance is similar to a grizzly bear with six legs, curling rams horns, and four eyes. One pair of the eyes glowed with faint orange light, and the other with green light. He had two rows of serrated, slime-coated teeth. He had a luminous swirling tattoo on his forehead.[1]

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Death MasksEdit

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In 1849, Rasmussen became the host of the Fallen Angel Ursiel, when he was on his way to California, presumably to pan for gold.[2]

In Death Masks, Rasmussen was killed in a fight against all three Knights of the Cross. Michael Carpenter dealt the killing blow.[3]

Harry Dresden accidentally soulgazed Rasmussen, and determined that he was a prisoner in his own soul. He was one of the poor people who had their free will gradually stripped away from them by their Fallen.[3]


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