In Hindu mithology, Rakshasa,[Footnote 1] or Rakshasa Raja, is a type of demon or goblin. Rakshasas are shapeshifters and can assume the form of animals, monsters, or beautiful women. They are most powerful in the evening, particularly during the new moon, and they are dispelled by the rising sun. They especially detest sacrifice and prayer. First mentioned in White Night, then again in Turn Coat and Ghost Story.


Rakshasas have been mentioned several times but have never made an actual appearance in the series. Nothing has been said about what they are, what they do or what they look like—yet.(reference needed)

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White NightEdit

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In White Night, Harry Dresden explains to Carlos Ramirez that they won't be getting much help from the White Council against the White Court because most of the Wardens are in India battling "some big daddy Rakshasa and his forces of old bad guys". Dresden, Ramirez, and Anastasia Luccio with her trainees are the only Wardens in North America.[1]

Turn CoatEdit

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In Turn Coat, when Ebenezar McCoy informs Harry Dresden that Gregori Cristos got Aleron LaFortier's spot on the Senior Council instead of Klaus the Toymaker, he mentioned that Cristos earned a name in the nasty battle against the Rakshasa that the White Council took on recently.[2]

Ghost StoryEdit

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In Ghost Story, after taking Dresden to the Office in Between Ron Carmichael's mentions having to "get back to that Rakshasa thing."[3]


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