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Rachel, also known as Paula, is one of the human assistants to Bianca St. Claire. She first appears in Storm Front.

In the seriesEdit

Storm FrontEdit

Main article: Storm Front

In Storm Front, she was fed upon by Bianca and killed. She did so willingly and with pleasure. Harry Dresden reasons that the vampire's venom, maybe a narcotic of some sort is that cause.[1]

Grave PerilEdit

Main article: Grave Peril

In Grave Peril, her death incites Bianca St. Claire to seek revenge against Harry Dresden, who she feels is responsible for her death.[2] — This is the cause for most of the plot of Grave Peril, of which the aftermath is the plot for many of the other books as well. 

Her ghost visits Harry while he's locked in a storage room in Bianca's mansion after being attacked by numerous vampires. She is tired and wants to be freed from Bianca.[3]

Rachel's ghost, among a horde of other Bianca's victims that Harry Dresden calls up, goes after Bianca, and brings her down.[4]


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