The term Phobophage means "fear-eater", and is used for creatures feeding off emotions of fear.[1]


Phobophages are often spiritual entities. Phobophages often attack people to scare them, and then feed on their fear. To do this they often manifest a physical body to come into and interact with the real world.[1] Phobophages show an ant-like swarming behavior, appearing in small groups which exponentially swell to extremely large numbers.[2] Some can enter the mortal world from the Nevernever via mirrors.[3]

Some White Court vampires are also phobophagic, feeding on fear as their preferred emotion, notably the House Malvora.[4] A Fetch is a particularly strong phobopage aligned with the Winter Court of faerie.(reference needed)

In the seriesEdit

Proven GuiltyEdit

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In Proven Guilty, a series of phobophages are attacking SplatterCon!!!, spiritually mauling people and killing many. They appear as Slasher Movie villiains come to life: The Reaper, Hammerhands, the Alien monster, Bucky the Murder Doll, and the Scarecrow. They are feeding on the fear they generate. The phobophages are being sent from the Nevernever by some unknown being for some unknown purpose using Molly Carpenter as a beacon.(reference needed)

The Scarecrow, a Fetch aligned with the Winter Court, abducted Molly Carpenter, taking her to faerie, where it will most likely she will be tormented hours or days to feed off of her fear, eventually destroying her mentally or killing her.[3]


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