Parker was a human male, a lycanthrope, and the leader of the Streetwolves gang. He first appears in Fool Moon.


The Streetwolves were a motorcycle gang that had a reputation for being particularly vicious. Parker was their leader for over ten years.[1] He learned to control his bestial spirit to a better extent than the other lycanthropes, but his gang frequently mistook his caution for cowardice and weakness. He frequently fought others who challenged him for leadership, like Lana and Flatnose.[2]

Parker has greasy greying hair and is older than the rest of the Streetwolves[1] except for maybe Flatnose who is nearer to his age.[3]

Soulgazing Parker, Harry Dresden felt the raw energy of wild coursing through him: the naked lust for meat, the need to run and kill, the feeling of being invincibie, unstoppable, and power running trough his arms and legs. — When they get worked up, the air around them gets tight and heavy with a feral raging current. It's like they're a group of creatures with one controlling mind, their faces grimaced with a berzerker rage.[1]


Parker first encountered Harry Dresden when he, following a lead from Roger Harris, walked into the Full Moon Garage; accidentally encroaching on Parker's territory and endangering his people. As he escaped, Dresden soulgazed Parker, seeing the spirit of rage behind his eyes, and that the only reason Parker didn't kill him right then was that he had to do it alone in order to prove his strength.[1]

Parker and the Streetwolves attempted to find Dresden at his house and office, but failed, as Dresden has been in hiding. Then they hear that he had been arrested on the police scanner, and they camped out at the bar across the street from the police station and waited. After the loup-garou's attack, Parker and his gang tailed Dresden in stolen cars.[4]

Dresden jumped out of his car in order to confront Parker, and managed to wreck the Streetwolves' cars and shoot Parker in the knee cap before being captured and taken to the Full Moon Garage.[4] There Parker intended to kill Dresden, but does not do so right away as part of a deal with Marcone. Thinking that this is a sign of weakness, Flatnose challenged Parker and was swiftly defeated.[3] Marcone offers Dresden a way out by signing on as one of his employees, violating the deal he had with Parker. Parker and Flatnose attacked Marcone and Hendricks while Dresden attempted to escape.[5] Then the FBI hexenwolves showed up and started shooting at the streetwolves and Dresden. Lana and Flatnose are killed in the ensuing battle, and Parker was torn apart and eaten by three of the hexenwolves.[6]

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