Ordo Lebes or "Order of the Cauldron" is a small group of magic pratitioners. It first appears in White Night.


The leader of this small group of magic pratitioners, mostly women, is Anna Ash.[1]

Ordo Lebes had been expanded and developed to create the Paranet and is an integral part of it after the threat of Supernatural killers hunting and killing them off, not only in Chicago, but across the country.[2][3]

Abby has been its leader since the death of Anna Ash. The Ordo, the local branch of the Paranet, is part of the Chicago Alliance to help protect the city against supernatural threats in the wake of the power vacuum created by the Red Court's demise.[4]

Known members are Anna Ash, Helen Beckitt, Abby, Priscilla and Olivia.(reference needed)

In the seriesEdit

White NightEdit

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Magic practitioners are being found dead or disappearing. The local magic community is scared of Harry Dresden, clearing out of Mac's when he enters. Mac slips Harry a note to check out Anna Ash of Orbo Lebes.[5]

Harry Dresden and Karrin Murphy stake out Anna Ash's apartment. One of the women is Helen Beckitt, a former ally of Victor Sells, whom Dresden played a part in getting her sent to prison in Storm Front.[6]

In a meeting with the Ordo group. Anna Ash goads Dresden into crossing her threshold, thereby leaving his magic behind. Harry sums up what he has: as many as five female practitioners have been killed, some of which looking like suicides, but aren't. And messages have been left that only a wizard could find, but the police could not. Anna says that as many as twenty from Ordo and the community have died or gone missing. Some of the dead women have been with a tall man in a Grey Cloak, while others have been seen with a handsome dark-haired man with grey eyes and pale skin.[1]

Harry found photos of all of the murdered women on a wall in Thomas Raith's apartment putting him on the list of murder suspects.[7] It turns out that he'd been rescuing them and shuttling them to a safe-house on an island with the Water Beetle. Harry found Olivia and several other women and children on the Beetle.[8]

Ghost StoryEdit

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As the Chicago-based group of the Paranet, the Ordo has done well by the city in helping to fight the supernatural threats that poured in after the demise of the Red Court. Abby, the current leader, and the Ordo—300 people from the Paranet—built the wards around Karrin Murphy's home.[4]


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