Nelson Lenhardt is a human male. He first appears in Proven Guilty.


Proven GuiltyEdit

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In Proven Guilty, Nelson was Molly Carpenter's boyfriend.[1]

Nelson is an orphan[2] and practices martial arts[3]. He is two years older than Molly,[2] and her parents don't like him much.[1] Lasciel stated that he bears a striking resemblance to Harry Dresden.[1]


Along with Rosanna Marcella, he was addicted to heroin until sometime before the events of Proven Guilty, when Molly Carpenter used black magic to make them afraid of the drugs. However, due to emotional issues on Molly's part, the psychomancy went wrong, and the boy's mind was severely (and likely permanently) damaged, causing him to display some traits similar to those of paranoid schizophrenia.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Proven GuiltyEdit

Main article: Proven Guilty

In Proven Guilty, Molly asked Harry to bail him out of jail. He was arrested for beating Clark Pell in the restroom at SplatterCon!!! He just happened to be there in the next stall but no one else was seen going in, so he was arrested.[2] Nelson called Harry saying that he's being foliowed, Harry sends him to Father Forthill.[1]

When Harry Looked at Nelson Lenhardt with his Sight, at Saint Mary's he found the same two holes in his temples and deduced that Molly forced Rosie and Nelson off drugs to protect the unborn baby.[1]


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