Micky Malone is a human male, a member of the Special Investigations. He first appears in Grave Peril.


In Grave Peril, he was part of the raid that took down Leonid Kravos, by shooting his feet out from under him in a perfect shot. Kravos' ghost becomes the Nightmare, responsible for the psychic attack on him.[1]

He has a wife named Sonia.[2] and a nephew named O'Toole.[3] Another nephew of his, a Detective Malone, works in the Chicago Police Department Organized Crime Division.[4]

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Grave PerilEdit

Main article: Grave Peril

In Grave Peril, Micky Malone was the subject of a spiritual attack by the ghost of Leonid Kravosthe Nightmare—which left him bordering on the edge of madness. His wife Sonia Malone, unwilling to place his career in jeopardy phoned SI instead of the Police Department, who then phoned Harry Dresden. The spiritual attack was induced by a barbed-wire-like spell that was cold to the touch and dug into the skin. Harry removes it to the full gratitude of his wife and family and the SI team. Micky is expected to make a full recovery given time and lots of healing.[5]


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