Meryl is a changeling, troll-blooded on her faerie side. She only appears in Summer Knight.


Meryl was brawny and muscular, with muddy green hair.[1] She was friends with a group of Winter Court changelings: LilyFix and Ace. She shared an apartment with Lily, and also looked after her.[2]


Meryl was conceived when a troll raped her mother, then spared her life. Her troll father belonged to the Winter Court, putting her under its rule too.[2]

In the seriesEdit

Summer KnightEdit

Main article: Summer Knight (novel)

In Summer Knight, Harry acquired a photo of Ronald Reuel with four happy teens at a Disney park.[3] Harry went to the funeral parlor where Reuel is laid out and Listened to three of the teens from the photo learning that they are Changelings.[1]

Suspiscious of Harry, not knowing whether to believe he would help them or kill them, Meryl back-handed him with a shovel-sized fist. She stops Ace from shooting him thinking the wizards would kill them all. She, Fix and Ace ran off after she tossed Harry into a dumpster.[1]

Unable to locate Lily themselves after she disappeared, she and Fix hired Harry Dresden after apologizing him.[2] Later, on William Borden's balcony, they had a talk. Meryl told Harry what the various supernatural groups think of him. Harry told her what it was like being a wizard and Meryl told Harry what it's like being a changeling. Harry updated her on his search for Lily.[4]

Meryl and Fix were inside the Alphas' van—they wanted to go with to rescue Lily. At a harbor, by the Lake Michigan, Meryl had Fix stay close to her. When the harbor lights went out, she lit a glow stick and Fix lit his flashlight and she was shot by a sniper. Then the Tigress showed up and the Apha's killed her.[5]

Later, Ace confessed that he hired the Tigress assassin to kill Harry and that he shot Meryl accidentally aiming at Harry. He said that it was the price the Red Court vampires demanded for protection against Maeve and Lloyd Slate (since lost Reuel's protection)—the Reds told him where Harry would show up.[5]

Meryl admits that she hears Mab's Call to all of Winter's blood for the Fae War but she's not answering. Ace tried to convince her to chose if she didn't want to run. Meryl called him worthless trash and yelled at him to run from her sight before she killed him. Dresden let him go.[5]

Meryl was wounded gravely in battle by Winter Knight Lloyd Slate.[6] In order to help, she Chose to become a full troll; she rejoined the battle in her troll form: huge, strong, ugly, and with green skin and blood, and wielding an axe. Talos hacked off one of her hands, but was brought down by her.[7] She died soon after.[8]


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