Hello visitor, welcome to the Dresden Files Wiki! This is meant to be a short intro to help you dive in to Wiki-editing and contributing to the quality of our pages.

How do I edit properly?

  • Switching to Source Editor is a great way to become a better editor. Switch here!
  • See the Manual of Style for help on how you can keep within the existing style of pages and properly source your info!

Where can I help the most?

What can I edit?

A better question would be; what can’t you edit? Most every page is freely editable!

That said:

  • Only logged-in users can edit most categories and templates, and some of the more delicate templates may only be edited by admins.
  • The Main Page is off-limits, but suggestions are welcome!

Who do I go to for help?

Other activities

There’s many other things you can do on the Dresden Files Wiki. They include:


Contributors are always appreciated, so even if you make a mistake while editing, do not worry too much; there are others who can help you to contribute the best way possible.

Of course, you should still try to avoid mistakes where possible ;)