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This article is for the character in Aftermath. For the character in "Jury Duty", see Maria.

Maria is a human female, described as small and fragile-looking. She first appears in Aftermath.

In the seriesEdit


Main article: Aftermath

Canvassing a building near Georgia and Billy Borden's place, she finds a witness informing her she had not seen anything. Murphy discovers that she is terrified of the block's janitor Ray, which turns out to be a petty bully; Murphy provokes him to attack her, pins him to the ground, and threatens him with legal prosecution if he does not resign from his job, and leaves the building, showing him that the building's tenants are watching the scene. While Murphy is leaving, Maria catches up with her and informs her that a man very reminiscent of Hendricks visited Georgia's apartment soon after the kidnapping. Talking to Marcone, Murphy later Maria is actually one of his "troubleshooters", tracking down drug dealers inpinging in Marcone's territory.[1]


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