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This article is for the character killed in White Night. For other uses, see Raith.

Madrigal Raith is a White Court vampire, and member of House Raith. He first appeared in Proven Guilty.


Slim, handsome, dark-haired and pale,[1] Madrigal is the fraternal twin of Madeline Raith, and a cousin of Lara and Thomas Raith.[2][1] Madrigal has had contact with House Malvora, and like them started to feed on fear instead of lust.[2] Though not violent, his hatred of Harry Dresden appears to override this characteristic (?).

In the seriesEdit

Proven GuiltyEdit

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In Proven Guilty, using his identity as Darby Crane, he works as a producer and director of horror films; a named work of his is the film Harvest.[3] He attended the horror convention SplatterCon!!! as a guest of honor.[3] He kidnapped Harry Dresden and Detective Henry Rawlins with him. He shot Rawlins in the foot while chained to a wall and used thorn manacles on Harry, and attempted to sell him on eBay to Dresden's enemies. The highest bidder was Arianna Ortega.[2]

White NightEdit

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In White Night, Madrigal teamed with Vittorio Malvora in a plot to undermine the White Council by killing women practitioners and thinning, or culling, their numbers. This was all part of a power play to take control of the White Court from House Raith. He made a mistake in killing one of the women, Jessica Blanche, via House Raith methods (lust), thereby drawing Harry's attention to more than one killer.[4]  

Madrigal died during his duel with Harry Dresden and Carlos Ramirez.[5]  


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