A lycanthrope is a person affected by a magical condition. They are first mentioned in Fool Moon.


Unlike the other various forms of werewolf, a lycanthrope is not a theriomorph. Physically human, they are indistinguishable from a regular person, at least on the surface. They are also unique in that they are born this way, and not made. A lycanthrope acts as a natural channel for a spirit of rage, which makes them beast-like, but only psychologically, so that they have "the minds and souls of beasts.". Driven by the spirit, they are more aggressive, stronger, and resistant to disease and injury; wounds heal very quickly, enabling them to survive much more physical damage than a typical human being.[1]

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In Fool Moon, a gang of lycanthropes known as the Streetwolves, are implicated, among others, in the Lobo killings. Harry Dresden is nudged to investigate them at the Full Moon Garage by freckly, red-headed Roger Harris of the FBI.[2] Dresden barely escape alive.[3] Later they kidnap Dresden—he barely escapes the Streetwolves, Marcone and the FBI hexenwolves with the aid of Tera West and the Alphas


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