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This is a list of spells used by Harry Dresden.

Spell Description References Notes
aparturum opens a way to the Nevernever DF03c02
appare summons demons DF03c23
aquilevatus creates a curtain of water DF11c36
arctis freezing/ice DF12c32 Harry freezes Stevie D's gun; new to Harry after becoming Winter Knight
arietius 77 kinetic force spells engraved into staff released at once Skin Game from the latin word for ram (the animal)
assantius Erupts with kinetic force DF03c17 Used with a kinetic ring
be manifested a body from a ghostly state DF13c47 Harry used it to fight Boz to save Mortimer Lindquist
defendarius produces a sphere shaped shield of blue energy  DF13c22
disperdorius disperses, fractures dangerous energy DF02c21 Harry used against Lana of the Streetwolves
dispertius creates a crack/hole in the ground DF12c12 Earth Magic—Ebenezar made sure he knew how to do at least one

dormius, dorme

used to put someone into a dreamless sleep DF03c19 or 

dormio, dorme

duo et unum

tracking spell

DF03c16 used with a channel (connected item) and a tuning fork
feniculus sonitus eavesdropping spell DF11c32 used silly string to make connection to hear on other side of a door. 
flickum bickum small fires -- lighting candles, and other small scale fires frequently Named after the slogan for bic lighters "Flick your bic"
flammamurus super-heats the ground below, and causes magma to burst forth from the ground DF09c40
fortius Fortified Harry with renewed strength and energy when touching silver buckle DF06c17 Used with the silver buckle on his belt.
forzare creates a push of force frequently Turns into an ethereal hand when used with Soulfire
fuego destructive fire attack frequently
fulminos/fulminas generates or redirects a bolt of lightning

DF11ch25, DF11ch44

Harry uses it on the Naagloshii.
galvinius used with copper chain focus as a kind of taser DF10c13
geodas creates a sinkhole DF11c36 Harry uses fighting Shagnasty
gravitus concentrates gravity It's My Birthday, Too
hexus a minor damaging of electrical equipment DF08c21, DF10c25, DF11c22
ignus, infusiarus Ignites a small floating ball of flame like a tiny sun DF10c24
illumina magnus highlighted a message written in magic-tainted water by sending copper filings to attach to it DF09c01 Thaumaturgy; copper filings conduct enregy; 
infriga; infriga forzare sucks fire/heat away from a given area, creating ice DF12c45 Used in duel with Arianna Ortega
interessari, interressarium tracking spell, with blood and a compass DF02c05
laqueus cord of pure force with soulfire, glitters and flashes: a supernatural garote DF11ch44 cord whipped around Shagnasty the Naagloshii's throat three times
lumen, camerus, factum creates a holomantic illusion of anybody; illusions are mostly opaque DF12c35 An interesting point to note that it could be "Lights, camera, action!"
lupus, lupara, luperoso with the wolf belt, transforms self into a Hexenwolf DF02c32
malivaso destroys a piece of technology DF02c28
memoratum, defendre memorarius a memory charm for defense DF04c19 used to protect from Mind Fog: a bit of hair twisted together and threaded into a ring and the caster's blood
noctus ex illuminus illusions Heorot Verisimilomancy—Harry ued it to get past a gang of Malks
obscurata veil DF14c47 used in the fight with Fix
pulitas cleaning spell using a piece of straw from the broom, creates sweeping brooms DF01c26 see also The Sorcerer's Apprentice
pyrofuego larger destructive fire attack; dense bar of blue-white fire, so dense almost solid like a spear



reperios, invenios chant used in tracking spell  DF09c14 used with Little Chicago
resarcius seals holes in the ground DF12c12 Earth Magic: Ebenezar taught Harry
rexus mundus creates a ship-attacking iceberg in the water DF14c45 'King of the World', a reference to Titanic
riflettum creates a general shield DF03c21 see also vento riflettum
segui votro testatum tracking spell, combining an element of the trackee with an element of the caster's sense DF01c16 something like "follow your testimony"
solvos destroys a ward DF09c10
stregallum finitas dismisses the sending of another caster DF01c14
tornarius reflects the momentum of another back to it DF02c17
ubriacha, ubrius, ubrium links a voodoo doll, as it were, to its intended real-life counterpart DF02c19 Used with Thaumaturgy; 'ubrium' may be a nonsense word but "ubriaco" is inebriated/drunk in Italian.
veni che a sort of wind-based levitation DF01c25
venteferro used to manipulate metal magnetically DF03c30
ventas cyclis creates a cyclone of winds that can pick up objects hurling them at opponents DF08c37 Staff used in a circular motion. — Harry targeted Fetches at Arctis Tor hurling Troll bones at them. 
ventas fulmino funnels lightning through the caster to a target



ventas reductas small scale wind, like an electric blow-dryer



Air magic; 
ventas/vento servitas generates wind frequently seems to be no difference between ventas and vento
ventas veloche, ubrium, ubrium transforms blood (liquid?) into fog DF02c13 'ubrium' may be a nonsense word, related to "umbra", meaning "shadow" -- see ubriacha, ubrius, ubrium
vento giostrus generates a miniature cyclone DF02c15
vento riflittum reflects a projectile attack DF01c13 see also riflettum
voce, voco, vocius allows long distance communication when used with a special obsidian stone and a circle

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