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Linda Randall is a human female. She appears in Storm Front.


She has eyes "the color of rain clouds", cupid-bow lips, medium brown hair in a braid, severe cheeks. She had a predatory look, sharp. Randall smokes cigarettes.[1]

She works as a driver/chauffeur for Greg and Helen Beckitt.[2]

Linda Randall previously worked as a prostitute for the Velvet Room owned by Bianca St. Claire. She and Jennifer Stanton often went out on assignments together.[2] The two were also close friends and lovers as well as roommates for a while. They sometimes shared Tommy Tomm in bed.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Storm FrontEdit

Main article: Storm Front

In Storm Front, Harry gets her name from Bianca. She puts off Harry, but he tracks her down at the airport where she is waiting to pick-up the Beckitts. She briefly talks with Harry about Jennifer and Tommy Tomm, partly flirting with him while answering his questions.[1]

She is later killed. Her heart was blown out like like Jennifer Stanton's and Tommy Tomm's. At the time she was twenty-nine years old.[3]


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