Li Xian is the name taken up by a ghoul working as Corpsetaker's assistant. He first appears in Dead Beat

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Dead BeatEdit

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He worked as Corpsetaker's assistant during the events of Dead Beat. He addresses Corpsetaker as "My Lord."[1]

A security guard at the Field Museum of Natural History tells police officer Henry Rawlins (a former detective) asking questions about Dr. Bartlesby's murder that he was an assistant to Dr. Bartlesby along with Alicia Nelson. Rawlins gives Harry a newsletter with a photo of Li Xian and Alica with Dr. Bartlesby.[2] Harry next sees Alicia and Li Xian in the lobby of the Forensic Institute. He discovers that Li Xian is a Ghoul and while Listening, hears Li Xian call Alicia "My Lord".[1]

Later, Li Xian chases Harry Dresden down the alley behind Bock Ordered Books so that Alicia, now revealed as Corpsetaker, can take the location of the Word of Kemmler from Dresden's mind. During the chase he wounds Harry with a shuriken in the calf. Just as he's about to eat Harry, Gard intercedes helping Harry escape in Marcone's car.[3]

Li Xian is ultimately killed when eaten by the reanimated Sue.[4]


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