Lawrence is a human male. He works as one of John Marcone's men. Dresden nicknames him Gimpy, and later on Gimpy Lawrence. He first appears in Storm Front.

He is the main source of Harry Dresden's torment during the course of this book, and is responsible for procuring a hair sample to pass to the Shadow Man.[1]

He initially worked for John Marcone, but double crossed him by providing support to the Shadow Man, Victor Sells.[2]

In the seriesEdit

Storm FrontEdit

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In Storm Front, Gimpy stole Harry Dresden's hair. Dresden was pretty sure he was going to give it to the sorcerer casting the spells that blasts the hearts of people, like Jennifer Stanton. And, that he would be next. Dresden becomes desperate to find Gimpy and get his hair back. He uses a thaumaturgical tracking spell that locates Gimpy at the Varsity where Marcone and Hendricks are.[1] Dresden reveals Gimpy's disloyalty to Marcone, when Lawrence refuses to show his wrist where Dresden scratched him, and during the resulting fight, he is shot dead by Hendricks.[2]


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