Lana is a lycanthrope and member of the Streetwolves. She first appears in Fool Moon


Lana has a deep growling voice.[1] She has a lanky form.[2]

She has a wild, savage energy around her that builds the more frezied she gets. It was there in the Full Moon Garage and again at the side of the road.[3]

In the seriesEdit

Fool MoonEdit

Main article: Fool Moon

In Fool Moon, she's in the Full Moon Garage with the Streetwolves when Harry Dresden visits. Lana stirs the gang up by continually chanting "Kill him! Kill him!". As Harry is trying to escape in the Blue Beetle, which won't start, she attempts to bust past Parker who hits her with the butt of the shotgun without hesitation.[1]

After Dresden crashes the van she's in with Flatnose and Parker, she builds the savage, frenzied energy around her. Harry fractures it with a spell: Disperdorus. She reacts as though backhanded.[4]

She and the gang had been hang out at Tully's Bar while Flatnose and Parker guard Harry. Back in the Full Moon Garage, Flatnose lets out that Lana thinks Parker is getting soft. Parker threatens Harry that Lana will get there teeth into him later.[5]

Agent Phillip Denton emptied his gun into her, killing her.[2]


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