White Court
This article is for Lady Cesarina. For her son, see Vittorio Malvora.

Lady Cesarina Malvora is the head of House Malvora. She first appears in White Night.


She is also the mother of Vittorio Malvora.[1]

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White NightEdit

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Lady Malvora plots with her son Vittorio to claim that he is the one killing the practitioners to prove how easy it woud be to defeat the White Council wizards by depleating their ability to breed more wizards. Their main objective is a coup against House Raith.[1]

Lady Malvora ripped the arm off of a ghoul and crushed its skull with it. Then four more engulfed her, tearing her apart.[2]

Later, it comes out that Lara Raith had manipulated her and House Skavis into betraying her court so that she could control the inevitable coup.[3]


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