Lacuna, also known as Captain Hook, is a Faerie, a pixie or Wee Folk, in the service of Ace. She first appears in Cold Days.


Like Toot-Toot, Hook leads a group of Wee Folk with orange lights—what Harry calls piranha pixies.

Unlike the Za-Lord's Guard, she has a thirst for battle.[1] She also despises pizza and prefers to eat healthier food like celery such as is provided by Molly Carpenter.[1] Lacuna claims that Ace owes her for services rendered and that he does not like Harry Dresden.[1]

Captain Hook is almost as tall as Toot-Toot. Dressed all in black with and covered in a fish hook armor, Harry first nicknames the fairy "Captain Hook". Lacuna carries an actual sword, of which Toot-Toot seems to be quite jealous.[2]

Without her helmet, Lacuna was gorgeous. Her black hair was in a foot-long braid, she had huge black eyes, paper-white skin with deep purple tattoos that shifted, faded and reappeared. Her features were long and lean. Lacuna had an elegant, dangerous beauty.[1]

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Cold DaysEdit

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In Cold Days, Lacuna's group attack Harry Dresden and nearly defeat him using nails until they are frightened away by an illusion of cats cast by Molly Carpenter.[2] Dresden captures her when the hooks on her armor get caught on his jacket,[3] and taken prisoner; she invokes Winter Law making her effectively Dresden's vassal; she is however not cooperative when Dresden interrogates her. Smitten Toot-Toot offers Lacuna a watermelon candy, which she refuses with a sock in his face.[1]


"If Molly has a turkey baster, maybe we could water board him." ~ Karrin Murphy referring to her.[3]


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