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Lacuna, also known as "Captain Hook", is a Faerie, a pixie or Wee Folk, in the service of Ace. She first appears in Cold Days.


Like Toot-Toot, Hook leads a group of Wee Folk with orange lights—what Harry calls piranha pixies.

Unlike the Za-Lord's Guard, she has a thirst for battle.[1] She also despises pizza and prefers to eat healthier food like celery such as is provided by Molly.[1] Lacuna claims that Ace owes her for services rendered and that he does not like Harry.[1]

Captain Hook is almost as tall as Toot-Toot. Dressed all in black with and covered in a fish hook armor, Harry first nicknames the fairy "Captain Hook". Lacuna carries an actual sword, of which Toot-Toot seems to be quite jealous.[2]

Without her helmet, Lacuna was gorgeous. Her black hair was in a foot-long braid, She had huge black eyes, paper-white skin with deep purple tattoos that shifted, faded and reappeared. Her features were long and lean. Lacuna had an elegant, dangerous beauty.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Cold DaysEdit

Main article: Cold Days

In Cold Days, Captain Hook's group attack Harry and nearly defeat him using nails until they are frightened away by an illusion of cats cast by Molly Carpenter.[2]

Captain Hook is later unintentionally captured by Harry when the hooks on his armor simply got caught on Harry's jacket when he defended himself from the fairy's attacks.[3] The fairy is captured and Thomas placed on a ceramic plate in the oven at Molly's apartment as a temporary holding cell (the iron in the walls of the oven preventing the fairy from attempting escape).[4] Harry orders Toot to stand ready to prevent Captain Hook from escaping.[5]

Before being questioned Harry calls Hook a prisoner and must answer questions. The pixie attempts an escape but Toot-Toot gives the faerie a smack-down. Just before he is about to land the killing blow, the weakened fairy invokes sacred rights as a prisoner. Toot-Toot is furious, until he finds out Captain Hook is really Lacana—a girl—when she removes her helm and seems to quickly be attracted to her. Harry takes care of his prisoner in exchange for assistance. She reluctantly agrees to help.[1]

Toot-Toot is instantly smitten with Lacuna. He flew off and returned with watermelon candy. She socked him in the face. He just says: "Wow!"[1]


"If Molly has a turkey baster, maybe we could water board him." ~ Karrin referring to her.[3]


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