Korrick is a centaur loyal to the Summer Lady Aurora. He is first seen in Summer Knight.


Korrick is a centaur member of Lady Aurora's small entourage.[1]

He can shapesift into a unicorn,[2] and is a forger of blades.[1]

Korrick is hot-tempered, quickly aroused to anger, though he is usually a "merrier sort", according to Aurora.[1]

As centaur is a broad-chested man, shirtless and bearded, heavy-browed and fierce-looking with heavy and equine forelegs. He had Clydesdale-sized hooves.[1]

As a unicorn, he looked like a Budweiser horse, he was about eighteen hands high, maybe more. he had a broad chest, four heavy hooves, forward-pricked ears, and a long equine face. he didn’t have a coat. he just had a smooth and slick-looking carapace, all chitinous scales and plates, mixing colors of dark green and midnight black. The hooves were cloven and one spiraling horn rose from its forehead, three feet long and wickedly pointed. The spirals were serrated on the edges, some of them covered with rust-brown stains. A pair of curling bighorn sheep looking horns, curved around the sides of his head from the base of the horn. Seemingly eyeless, instead leathery chitin where they should have been, and his mane was of rotted cobwebs.[3]

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In Summer Knight, when Harry Dresden entered Aurora's suite at the Rothchild Hotel carrying Elaine Mallory, the Summer Emissary in his arms bleeding, Korrick threatened to attack Dresden saying that a Winterbound there couldn't be tolerated. Lord Talos stops him and gets him to back down. Aurora apologized to Dresden for his behavior. [1]

He blocked Dresden and Elaine Mallory's path to the cottage of the Summer and Winter appearing as a Black Unicorn.[3][4][2]

On the battlefield of the war between the Summer and Winter Courts, Aurora surrounds Dresden and team with Korrick, Talos, Lloyd Slate and some Summer warriors. Korrick has the Lily frozen in stature form tied to his back. She is the current holder of the Summer Knight's Mantle and she's to be sacrificed on the Stone Table to upset the balance between the Summer and Winter courts. Aurora has him follow her to the Stone Table while the other stay behind to kill Dresden and team.[5]


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